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By now you’re probably thinking, “So what? Aside from the robots, it’s not really that much like Mega Man so far, and many games have robots.” True, but let’s take a look at the game itself. First of all, although Francesca is a witch, her character sprite looks about as much like Mega Man as it possibly could. If you took Mega Man out of his robot armor and put him in a red dress, shoes, and witch’s hat, he’d look very much like Francesca. Her walking (or running) animation is done exactly the same way as Mega Man’s NES walking/running animation. When she shoots bullets from her wand, it’s animated the same way as when Mega Man shoots bullets from his arm cannon. Francesca’s jumping and falling poses are also very much like Mega Man’s, and she even makes a similar metallic “click” when she lands from a fall or jump that Mega Man does. Francesca does have the ability to shoot straight up and to duck, neither of which Mega Man could do in any of the NES games, but she doesn’t appear to be able to slide.

Another huge similarity is Francesca’s ability to switch weapons. By pressing start, a list of weapons appears on-screen, again, just like in the Mega Man games. And when you select a different weapon, she changes colors just like (you guessed it!) Mega Man! Some of her special weapons include a Fire Phoenix that wipes out all enemies on-screen, a bullet-ball that richocets off of walls, a freeze ray, and a shield. But instead of having an energy meter for each separate weapon, some have to be charged, some have unlimited use, and others take a bit off her life meter.

Vic Tokai, the creators of The Krion Conquest, didn’t stop at just ripping off the weapons and animations of Mega Man. I’ve only played the first level of Krion, but I noticed many similarities between it and the Hard Man stage of Mega Man 3; similar graphic style and geographical layout. Also, many of the enemies are direct rip-offs of Mega Man enemies. The bouncing springs with the face on top are a common Mega Man enemy. There are green robots that stand in one place and throw bullets that are reminiscent of MM’s Sniper Joes. The Hard Hats, those little helmets that pop up and shoot when you get too close, are probably one of Mega Man’s most well-known enemies with appearances in almost every MM game, and yes, Krion even has an enemy just like them! Here are some screenshots for comparison:

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